• The Creative High (2022) feature length documentary with DigAll Media 501(c)(3)
  • Painted Nails (2016) feature documentary with DigAll Media 501 (c)(3)
  • Felting-Peace Industry (2015) short documentary
  • Second Language ( 2014) Short documentary
  • Women Empowering Women (2008) shot in Mongolia, China and Thailand, for Women’s Global Fund
  • Jewels of the Mekong (2006) Shot in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, produced for United Nations Development Program
  • Beyond the Mountain (2005) Shot entirely in Nepal, produced for UN Development Program
  • Film Inside the Bay (2002) six profiles about outstanding San Francisco Bay Area film-video professionals Sundance Channel
  • White Hotel (1997) feature length Documentary, Eritrea, Wake Up! Productions
  • Sundance Channel – Film Inside the Bay, televised 2002


  • Special Film Event for National Recovery Month, 2022
  • The Creative High, Film Experience at Commonwealth Club, 2022
  • Skyline Indie Film Festival, Winchester, VA, 2022
  • United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF), Stanford and San Francisco Bay Area, 2022
  • Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, 2022
  • The San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Awarded Special Jury Prize, Excellence in American Profiles 2022
  • Thin Line Festival in Denton, TX, 2022
  • DocuWest, Documentary Festival in Denver, CO, 2022
  • NovaFest, The Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival
  • 35th Columbia Film Festival in Columbia, MD, 2022
  • Nevada Women’s Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV, 2022


  • Angel Island Permanent Exhibition, Painted Nails, 2022
  • Asian Student Association Screening at Stanford University 2020
  • Barnard College, Presented for Classroom Setting Women in Health 2020
  • Wing Luke Museum of The Asian American Experience-Where Beauty Lies, Seattle, Washington 2019-2020
  • Johns Hopkins APAMSA-Asian American Medical Students Association 2019
  • UNAFF Traveling Film Festival – Denver, Painted Nails 2017
  • Women’s Voices for the Earth, Montana 2017
  • Organization of Chinese Americans –SF Chapter
  • 8th Annual CSM Asian Pacific America Film Festival 2017
  • Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2017
  • Cinequest International Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
  • CAAMFest, Painted Nails, (Center for Asian American Media) 2016
  • Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
  • Disorient Asian American Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016 (Courageous Womyn Award)
  • Asian Health Services Screening – Oakland California 2016-2020 Ongoing
  • Viet Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
  • DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
  • Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
  • Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, Painted Nails, 2016
  • ECO Film Festival, Painted Nails, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2016
  • New Orleans Film Festival, Painted Nails, Jury Award Finalist, 2016
  • UNAFF International Documentary Film Festival at Stanford, Painted Nails, 2016
  • California Film Institute – San Rafael Film Center, Painted Nails, 2016
  • Main San Francisco Public Library, Painted Nails, 2016


  • Museum of Modern Art New York and the Lincoln Center, Selected for New Directors Series, New York, 1997
  • Two Boots Den of Cin, New York 2001
  • Long Beach Museum of Modern Art, 20 Questions: Person, Place or Thing, 1999
  • United Nations Film Festival, Building a Society for All Ages, Stanford University, CA, 1999
  • Women Make Waves (WMW) Film and Video Festival, Taipei, Taiwan 1998
  • Harvard Film Archive, Reverse Angel Series, Boston, Massachusetts January– February 1997
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival, Zanzibar, Africa 1998
  • The Cultural Center of The Philippines Independent Film & Video, Philippines 1998
  • Black Maria Film and Video Festival, New Jersey 1997
  • Roxie Cinema, Calendar Screening, San Francisco, California, 1997
  • Seattle Art Museum and 911 Media Arts Center, Featured Event, Seattle, WA, 1997
  • Documental, Independent Attitude Series, Santa Monica, California, March 1997
  • Indiana University, World Aids Day Series, Collection of Wells Media, Indiana, 1997
  • The Red Vic, Calendar Screening, San Francisco, California, January 4, 1997
  • Channel 4, London, England 1997
  • Free Speech TV (FStv), Boulder, Colorado 2000


  • Permanent Collection Library of Congress
  • African Video Collections – Harvard College Library, Boston Mass, University of Minnesota, Human Rights
  • The Africa Collections at Stanford University
  • Lemieux Library, Seattle, Washington
  • James Madison Library, African Collection
  • Maryknoll World Video Library, JMU Africa Collection
  • University of Idaho, Idaho
  • University of Washington, AIDS-World Health Collection
  • UC Merced Library, Merced, California
  • Great River Regional Library, New York


  • Khyentse Foundation 2022
  • California Humanities 2022
  • Lutheran Fund – 2019 and 2020
  • The Puffin Foundation Ltd. Artist’s Grant – 2009
  • Jewish Communal Fund – 2011, 2019



The Creative High 75 min documentary

  • Special Jury Prize for Excellence in American Profiles, San Francisco Independent Festival 2022
  • Carry the Message, Special Recognition Award, Thin Line Film and Music Festival 2022
  • Best Documentary Feature Award, Sacramento World Film Festival 2022

Painted Nails 57 min documentary

  • Courageous Womyn Award at Disorient Film Festival, Painted Nails 2016
  • Jury Award Finalist at the New Orleans Film Festival, Painted Nails 2016
  • Commendation, Painted Nails Production Team-For depicting the contributions of Asian Americans in San Jose and raising awareness on issues that affect the community daily – City of San Jose, California
  • San Francisco Film Society, Film House Residency Award, 2010

White Hotel a documentary

  • Audience Award, Zanzibar International Film Festival, White Hotel, 1998
  • Selected Colds Springs Workshop, sponsored by Miramax Films, White Hotel, New York, 1996
  • Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, White Hotel 1997


  • PBS Nationwide including but not limited to KQED to WNET airdates in 13 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia INCLUDING: • Charlotte (SCETV)• Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville (SCETV)• Indianapolis • Las Vegas• Los Angeles• Orlando (WDSC & WEFS)• Philadelphia• Portland (OPB) • San Antonio• San Diego • San Francisco (KRCB, KCSM & KQED) • Tulsa


  • Juror – Playground Theatre, Berkeley California, Short Film Competition-The mission of Play Ground is to support the development of new local voices for the theatre 2012
  • Jury Chairman – Advisory Panel and Juror for United Nations Film Festival since inception, 1998-2022
  • Juror Panelist for the Golden Gate Awards San Francisco International Film Festival, 1995-2008
  • Documentary Juror for Mill Valley Film Festival, 2001-2008 –Sebastopol Film Festival Juror, 2019


  • MIR San Francisco Zen Center-2019-2020
  • Feed Educate Employ South Africa-2011-2017


  • The Dream Act-Stanford University-United Nations Film Festival–2012
  • The Intersection of Health and Ethics – Stanford Medical School- United Nations Film Festival 2016
  • Stanford Teaching Guide – White Hotel – 2012


  • Kanopy 2018-To Present
  • Tapeworm 2000-2009
  • Tower Video 2000-2010
  • Amazon 2000-2020
  • World Wide by Jane Balfour Films LTD, out of London, England 1997


  • Cascade Canyon School, Fairfax, California 2012
  • California State University, Communications Department, Hayward, California – 1997
  • UC California, Film Studies Department, Berkeley, California 1998-2011
  • Stanford University, Humanities Department, Stanford, California 1998-2020
  • FLM 16- Camera As Witness: Women Around the World From Victims to Leaders, This course offers a unique chance to become familiar with global women’s issues, understand the aesthetic capacities of documentary filmmaking 2021


  • Documentary Film Instructor, San Francisco Digital Film School 2014-2015
  • Documentary Film Instructor, Mid Pen Media Center 2017


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  • ‘The Creative High’ Portrays Reality of Artists’ Addiction and Recovery Noma Faingold, 2022
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  • “White Hotel challenges viewers to confront reality”, The Richmond Review, San Francisco, January 1996
  • “Modern African Adventure Told in Documentary, White Hotel”, San Francisco Marina Times, January 1996


  • United Nations Association Film Festival Advisory Board International Documentary Association
  • Member Film Fatales
  • Headlands Center for Arts